Flower and Leaf Pounding Art Workshop

July 13 2019
  1. 10am and 1pm
  2. 570-666-9003
  3. No
  4. Yes
  5. http://www.montroseadultschool.org.
  6. susquehannamg@psu.edu
  7. Humming Hill Lavender Farm
  8. 7019 Maple St., Brooklyn
  9. Susquehanna

Until the mid-1800's natural dyes were the only option available. Learn this fun and simple technique. You can make beautiful botanical cards, prints, T-shirts and enjoy spring greenery year-round. Learn about leaf and flower structures as you create your master piece! We will be working with fabric which you can take home and use in a variety of ways such as pillows or framing as a picture. Please include a material fee of $5.00 for each project you wish to create along with the class registration fee. You can even bring your own flowers and experiment! Fee: $5.00